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Clarity, Choice, Empowerment, Love

Empowerment Sessions

We can all use More Love.
At times we need to apply the principles of More Love to Ourselves. 

Through Intuitive Empowerment Sessions you'll discover what holds you back, how to release self sabotage, what it feels like to truly Love Yourself and finally feel totally awesome and excited about your Self.
Even if you don’t know what that is or how to get there, accountability and supportive insight can go a long way to help you get and stay on track, 
The Intuitive Empowerment Sessions can be a single focus or address many areas of your life.
So, if a new relationship with yourself is on your radar for 2017 or you’d like to focus on taking your Self out of the past and into the future you dream of, these sessions are for you!
If you've ever had a session with me then you know it’s deeply insightful, practical and empowering. And if you haven’t, here’s your opportunity to get serious about Your Life in 2017. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of what to let go of, what to embrace and where you are headed. 
Often, my clients continue to expand their work me because they realize they don't have to do it all on their own. That it's highly effective to have a secret weapon to quicken the change they seek. To have the advantage of having an intuitive Coach, empowering them to choose. Choose More Love. 
All sessions can be done in person, by Skype or even by phone!

I'm very excited to share my new program-Love Manifested; How Soulful Single Women transform their relationship to Love and Manifest the love of their Life. 

A 3 part/6 month, high impact manifesto to connect with your Soul and take the right actions to manifest More Love in your life and The One for You. Giving yourself this gift of time and focus will get you out of your comfort zone, patterns and apathy and into Love Manifested!

A highly personalized program that includes: 

Level 1- 3 Personalized 1:1 Coaching calls per month with me, Wendy Burch to create breakthrough and keep you moving in the right direction with focus, accountability and rewards. Included are 18 topic modules with homework assignments; worksheets, activities and practices. 

Level 2- Deluxe w/Group: includes Level 1 And membership into a closed group for Love Manifested.  Twice monthly Live Group call/meetings for each of the 6 months. Fabulously fun opportunity to bond with your Love Manifested sisters plus get additional time for Q & A's. 

Level 3-All In All Access: Includes L-1 & L-2 And unlimited access to me by text and email so that breakdowns become breakthroughs! Also a great opportunity for spur of the moment dating advice and quick answers to dilemma questions. PLUS a Bonus 1:1 coaching session every-other month! 

This program is ongoing and begins when you are ready!