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The Process of change is an interesting one. In it's simplicity it has 3 stages. At first, change is emotionally driven. We want something, we have a deep desire for it, we keep coming back to the thought and feeling of it. Eventually the pain of staying the same or living without what we want, seems worse than the pain of changing or seeking and so we take action. We have made out decision; we know what we want and why. We have a plan, we take action, we begin. 

Stage 1 is where a coach helps you get super clear on what really needs to change, why and how. 

But in the 2nd stage, our emotional drive seems to fade. We may ask our selves "Who's idea was this anyway?" You can't remember your "why". Your once committed and clear motivation sinks like the setting sun as your brain tries to lull you back into complacency. Doubt, fatigue, discouragement, old patterns, behaviors and beliefs pop up and sometimes take over. Sometimes, without the proper support or mindset, once again, we give up. 

Stage 2 is usually the MOST IMPORTANT STAGE. It's where a Coach sticks with you, helps you see your blocks and helps you break through them. She reminds you of why you want what you want, encourages you to believe in yourself, to give yourself the chance to be who you want to be, and with a little tough love holds you accountable to what you said you wanted to achieve. Your Coach doesn't give up on you even when you have all the legit excuses in the world. No, I know you can do better than that. 

Stage 3 is a process where The Change becomes the New Normal. Your new behavior is creating successful results which creates an atmosphere of confidence that breeds more risks and more success. Adjustments are made, balance is embraced and continual expansion of comfort zones are accepted. Pitfalls and triggers are further explored, connecting the dots, fine tuning of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical beliefs; these will be thrown out or reinforced to ground the new you. 

For some Stage 3 is the MOST CRITICAL. For many of us, chaos, challenges and change are our survival skills. So stage 3 is where we might let ourselves down. Stability, balance and consistency are the pitfalls and triggers. If this is you, you'll need to really choose to love yourself. More

Once we decide we want to work together and on the package that best fits you, the process begins with an initial consultation. You, me, talk. Confidentially, of course.  We discuss your desires, lifestyle and the kinds challenges or fears you deal with, while we go through a questionnaire together. We find out what works and what doesn't work for you. When you work with someone intuitive (me) the insights are profound and the shifts are deep and lasting. By the time you leave (approximately 2 hours) you'll know so much more about yourself that you didn't see, the light-bulbs will be going off and you'll find that in just those 2 hours you've shifted your head and your heart into a more honest, open and hopeful place. You'll feel real and authentic and be able to breathe. We continue to work together until you feel you've got this. 

Often, my clients continue to expand their work me because they realize they don't have to do it all on their own. That it's highly effective to have a secret weapon to quicken the change they seek. To have the advantage of having an intuitive Coach, empowering them to choose. Choose More Love.